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Examining Mail Headers

Email investigation software is used for examining mail headers and email attachments etc.
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Examining Mail Headers
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9 April 2013

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Do you want to analyze or examine email of any Email Clients for solving cybercrime case? If yes, then use email header examination software, which is capable for examining mail headers and analyze email data deeply. Our email investigation tool analyze email in 2 way
1. Mails - Normal view, hex view, MIME header view, attachments, RTF view, HTML view, properties view, message header view
2. Attachments - Analyze attachments in normal view, hex view, attachments properties, mail properties, normal mail view
Suppose, you have unlimited email for Examining Mail Headers and you cannot find your important evidence, then use search option and find your evidence. After getting search result, you can save searched evidence or add search result in evidence list in easy way.
For Examining mail headers, you want to send your evidence to other person, and then email investigation software gives you “Send for Review” option, which sends your email evidence to other person via mail.
Get FREE DEMO of email header examination, which completely analyze your email for 30 days also export 50 evidences from emails. If you fulfilled with DEMO Version, then purchase full version of MailXaminer software just at $299. For any doubts like - How to analyze email data, How to convert email in HTML and How to convert email to EML etc, you can open this link -

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